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for-inn-3dThe Forever Innocent series
The USA Today bestselling series.
A young couple reunites in college, four years after the death of their newborn.
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Magic Mayhem trilogy (for 9-12 year olds)
A group of magical elementary school children work to maintain the balance of good and evil.
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Baby Dust
Five women become friends after the loss of their babies.
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Deanna Roy is the six-time USA Today bestselling author of numerous works of college romance, women’s fiction, and children’s fiction. She is a passionate advocate for women who have lost babies to miscarriage, and many of her books will touch on this subject. Learn more about her on the author page, look through a list of all her books, or find her upcoming appearances.

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Forever Innocent, 7 years later

Late last year, I was contacted by Radish, a reading app for phones, asking to publish a long serialized version of my series that begins with Forever Innocent. With six books, they told me, I would have a successful run with their readers. So in January, we began the process of breaking the books into(…)

On my friend John J Asher

Sometimes the people who become your best friends are who’d you expect. The kid your age who ends up living next door. The neighborhood family expecting a baby the same time as you. A coworker you laugh with at lunch. But then there are the ones who are only on the periphery of your life(…)