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for-inn-3dThe Forever Innocent series (as Deanna Roy)
The USA Today bestselling romance series.
A young couple reunites after the death of their newborn.
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Vigil1-hardback-3dThe Vigilante’s Lover series (as Annie Winters)
A small-town girl replies to a prisoner’s passionate letters, only to be kidnapped and thrust into an underground world of spies.
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Fight-for-Her-1-hardcover3dThe Fight for Her Series (as JJ Knight)
In this USA Today bestselling series, an MMA fighter struggles to win back the heart of his first love and be a real father to their young daughter.
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Forbidden Dance
A shy, sheltered ballerina who has been hidden by her family meets the wild, uncensored star of a reality TV dance show.
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Deanna Roy is the six-time USA Today bestselling author of numerous works of college romance, women’s fiction, and children’s fiction. She is a passionate advocate for women who have lost babies to miscarriage, and many of her books will touch on this subject. Learn more about her on the author page, look through a list of all her books, or find her upcoming appearances.

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The Book That Almost Never Was — Elektra Chaos

When I first started writing Elektra Chaos, things hadn’t gotten bad yet. My daughter Elizabeth, who is on the cover, had been diagnosed with epilepsy for four years at that point, and we had the seizures under control. She was still going through a lot, as the medicine made her gain a lot of weight,(…)