Okay, so the requests for information and ideas for Christmas just keep coming.

I already told you about my camera options (see post below.) And the best printer.  And where to get prints.

walmart-ornament.jpgSo here’s some other ideas. I love custom photo ornaments and get them all the time. I find some of them to be great for my personal use, but I don’t use them for my clients as I feel they would be too expensive, too iffy a delivery wait for me to guarantee for Christmas, or just too much trouble.

But I’ll tell you about them!

I love these ornaments from Wal-Mart (yes, the evil empire, but yeah, I get over it.) Upload your picture and have it shipped to your nearest Wal-Mart (if you step foot in one) for free. If not, pay for shipping direct to you. I’ve bought many of them and they are beautiful!

Next, oh, those digital key chains. I mean, I love them. I bought several this year, and I can’t say for who (hopefully they don’t read my blog and figure it out). Here are the ones I ordered. They are small and cute and have a great screen luminosity. I wish they would act like a drive rather than make me use software to load the images, but I know they know that you guys would try to stick full resolution files on them, so the software saves it down to fit. Here’s the ones I got from Amazon for $25. (They keep changing the stock number and pricing slightly, so my blog post has been adjusting too.)

While I loved those, later on I saw this one with a cover on it! The screen is slightly smaller but the cover works for me as I am hard on my keys! I *hope* I’m getting one of these for Christmas! I made it *quite* clear, but sometimes boys can be, well, you know…slow. These are $20.

Another really fun thing for your pictures are photo statues. They are laser cut inside clear acrylic. They are very fun! I like the ones MPix does best. Around $16.

Okay, go shop!

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