Among the greatest of the great in children’s literature is Verla Kay. She is not only a well-respected children’s picture book author, but she is the the kindly mother figure to those of us trying to get our children’s and young adult books in the hands of publishers. The writing forums she runs are a godsend to those of us seeking support as we send our manuscripts out into the world of agents and magazines.

Today, her own publisher decided to take the majority of her picture books out of print. Because of the way book selling works, they may remainder many of her wonderful and treasured books.

Verla wishes she could buy up all the copies herself, but with so many books out there, it isn’t economically possible. So those of us who have been touched by her graciousness, her time, and the amazing community she has built for writers are banding together to get her books bought and in the hands of readers.

If you have children or grandchildren, if you go to birthday parties and bring gifts, consider purchasing some of Verla Kay’s books. Many of them are so beautifully suited for us here in Texas. If you go to a library, buy a copy to donate there, or to the children’s hospital or book drives.

Here is a quick Amazon box with the listing of her books. Her most recent is not going out of print, but by purchasing it, we can help make sure it doesn’t!

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