bullcreek.jpgI was so thrilled to wake up this morning to a raging storm! I’ve been a little worried about having enough of a waterfall for the Bull Creek Outdoor Portrait Special coming up.

And here it came! I didn’t even mind getting out in gale winds and a downpour this morning.

If you’ve never seen the images I take at Bull Creek–you’ve gotta go look. It’s an amazing location. I even held a Nature Write In there with some fellow NaNoWriMo novelists last November that was featured on About.com.

The special is $95 and includes a portfolio of images that you get to keep. It runs from March 8-20 and April 18-20. There are so many options at Bull Creek–towering rocks, the creek itself, long sections of grass, and of course the waterfall.

Go look at the appointment schedule and find yourself a slot!

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