Have you ever burst out crying on the grocery story baby aisle?

Welcome to my Wednesday.

I’m not even sure what happened. I’ve been so adjusted. I knew my TTC journey was over back in January. I had two surgeries in a row, one to ablate my endometrial lining, which was inflamed and had been for a while, and another to block off my tubes, as my cauterized lining can no longer support a pregnancy.

I was just randomly shopping for groceries. I don’t need to go down any baby aisles and have actually studiously avoided them since my first surgery. I distinctly remember the last time I went down it, six months ago, looking at all the gummy teethers and food jars and funny little biter biscuits. The radio played, “I Won’t Give Up” and I burst out crying then too, as I knew it was our last month to try to get pregnant, then I had my follow up appointment and that was going to be it.

Thankfully the store was empty today and no mom was pushing a bundle-of-joy-laden cart down that aisle. I forced myself to walk on past.

I hope that maybe that is the end of it.

Or maybe I’ll have these occasional outbursts forever.

Has it ever happened to you?