Time to name the baby!

This week I’ll be taking nominations both here on the blog and on the Facebook page for Corabelle and Gavin’s baby!

We voted a month ago that their baby was a BOY.

I will choose my favorite names and then we’ll vote on the winner. The mom who picks the winning name will get this gift basket!


You can keep it for yourself or donate it to a hospital in your baby’s name. It has a locket, two books, an animal/blanket, a candle, flower seeds, and a few other little items.

The baby in Forever Innocent is born prematurely at 32 weeks. At first he seems okay, but very quickly the doctors realize his condition is very grave. His little life will be detailed in the novel, plus the situation that ultimately drives Gavin and Corabelle apart.

Writing is going very well. I should have a new cover this week, and the first of the review tour sign ups will be going up by mid July.

I’m pleased with progress, even though the writing gets very tough at times, like it did for Baby Dust. Soon I’ll be writing in an appearance by Tina, the teenage mother from Baby Dust, who is also in college and speaks to other students about suicide. Corabelle will seek her out after some of her darkest days. I can’t wait to see how Tina turns out. It will be like visiting an old friend.

Bring on the boy names! If there are duplicates, I’ll be going by the time stamps for who nominated it first.

It’s time to start sharing the page with friends! A new prize will be unlocked when I hit 500 likes on Facebook! I shifted the page to be more book-oriented in the title and description to help moms who didn’t want to have a page about baby loss showing up in their feed. <3

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