Another Sneak Peek: Corabelle breaks down (+ big gift card giveaway!)

We’re just one month away from the release of Forever Innocent and it’s about to get crazy around here!

I’m posting another excerpt from the book plus the entry form for the prerelease giveaway of a $50 gift card and other fun stuff!

I am so excited!

In this excerpt, Corabelle has been trying to avoid Gavin, still unable to reconcile their past when he left her at their baby’s funeral, and their present, where the chemistry that made them such a tight couple in their teens is already roaring back (there’s a scene in the dish room at her work that’s a scorcher!)

But seeing him has pushed her off balance, and her habit of causing herself to pass out when she is under emotional distress and just gotten dangerous — she almost drowns in her own bathtub. When she gets out, she realizes the only person she wants is Gavin.

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I was on fire. Everything inside my chest was burning like it might ignite.

I broke the surface of the bathwater, coughing, gagging, and sucking in air. My arm and leg went over the side and I tumbled out onto the floor, shivering, naked, and in unbearable pain.

Water dribbled from my mouth and nose and I sobbed uncontrollably, tightening into a ball on the floor, head to the rug. Calm down calm down calm down. You’re okay. You’re alive. You’re fine.

The corner of a towel brushed against my hair and I yanked it down, rolling up inside it. The screaming heat was dying down, but still I hurt, my head pounding, my chest throbbing.

Is this what I wanted? To die?


I considered this, trying to pull away from the pain, to concentrate on my thoughts instead. Did I want to die? Was it really that bad?

Gavin. Jenny. Austin. I felt my past closing in.

A square lit up in the dark, inches from my face. My phone. Another text from Jenny.


Coffee shop boy must be a live one.


I closed my eyes. I couldn’t handle her right now. Besides, she knew. Gavin had told her about our baby.


The need for him began to pulse like the pressure in my head. He became my breath. Gavin, Gavin, Gavin.

I couldn’t move forward. I couldn’t go back. I wanted him here.

I wanted him now.

I reached for the phone, bypassing all of Jenny’s chipper messages and stopping on the one with his phone number.

I shouldn’t call him. It was too much. His voice. What to say. Had he wanted to die at any point?

Of course not. He wasn’t the guilty one.

But he had walked away.

So maybe he knew. Maybe he could help.

He might be the only one who could help.

I clicked on his number and then tapped out one word.




As soon as I sent it, a calmness flowed over me. I stopped shivering and lay still on the floor.

Within seconds, I had a reply.


Corabelle, is this you?

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  1. Michelle Tan

    I got an ARC of Forever Innocent and loved it. Thank you for the giveaway. To answer your question about second chance love, no i haven’t.