I am blown away by you fans

I’m sure most of you saw my Hard Core Thanks Post on the main DeannaRoy.com site that said how well the book has done, but still, it’s been three weeks now, and I still can’t get over the sheer volume of amazing messages and encouragement that is coming from you readers.

I mostly avoid reading the reviews, because that is YOUR domain, your comments to each other about whether or not the book is for you, but I was over there on Amazon today and saw some of the amazing first lines of reviews in the sidebar. A few of them:

Beautiful as well as heartbreaking.

The pain, the loss, and then the love were just SO palpable.

I will forever hold this book dear to my heart.

I mean, wow, you guys. Just wow. I’ve been crying myself as I went through them.

I’ve been working on the sequel Forever Loved. I sent out a scene to the email subscribers last week. I know where the story is going to go, but not quite yet how it will end. It’s a very bittersweet thing that happens to them, and I know I have to handle it carefully. Now that I’m pretty far into outlining it, I know this will be the last book, the conclusion. So there will only be two.

I’m trying to get my date set for release. I know it will be in January. Earlier or later will depend on how much Gavin and Corabelle cooperate! I will have a huge party with the cover reveal and the date when I know it. Check here or get on the mailing list to know when all that happens.

I’ll be writing fast during NaNoWriMo and releasing scenes about once a week in November. Make sure you are signed up if you want sneak peeks, or you can just wait until it all comes out.

Those of you who wrote reviews on Amazon for Forever Innocent will have an opportunity to get the book a week early AND for free as an ebook. So take time to do that so you can sign up to be an advance reader when that form goes up in January. The Amazon page is here.

web-family-candlesI think about Gavin and Corabelle every day, and all the real-life families facing these tragedies. We just passed Oct. 15 (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day) and it was a nice beautiful year for our candle lighting here in Austin. People drove from very far away to light candles with me this year — that’s just wow too. I mean, really. I’m blown away.

Love, Deanna


One thought on “I am blown away by you fans

  1. Crystal

    I can’t wait for the next book. I think I cried through the last half of this book. It is nice to know I wasn’t the only one that had all of these crazy emotions when I lost my son.