Book Give Away 1: We were gonna have a baby

Leave a comment on this post to win a copy of this book, ideal for families who had children already when they experienced their first loss. Give away happens Oct. 1.

What do you say to your children when the baby brother or sister they were expecting won’t be arriving after all?

In this lovely children’s book, We were gonna have a baby, but we had an angel instead,¬†written by Pat Schwiebert and illustrated by Taylor Bills, a little boy explains about the baby they were expecting, who became an angel instead of coming to live with them.

You can experience the entire book in this video, read by a little boy in honor of his baby brother.

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18 thoughts on “Book Give Away 1: We were gonna have a baby

  1. Would love a copy of this book. We have two angels. We lost on at 6-8 weeks and lost Abigail at 26 weeks after she lived for an hour and forty-seven minutes. We have since gone on to have two beautiful little girls and would love to have this book to share with them.

  2. We bought this book for our son after we lost his baby brother at 16 weeks gestation. We have created a donation program, in memory of our baby, Nathan, and this book is included in our memory boxes.

  3. I would love this book for my 3 and 6 yr. old sons. They were born after our angel babies.

  4. i have a son, 6 years old, and recently learned my pregnancy will not be… my son knows there is a baby on the way, however i have not told him that we will not be having a baby…just hoping he will forget…

  5. Would love this book for my 6 & 2 yr old living children to help them understand more about their 2 sisters in heaven xx

  6. Would love a copy, any way to remember my twin boys who I lost 06-12-11 due to premature labor. Missing & loving you always my Blake & Bradyn <3

  7. I would love this book so myself, my fiance and our Son can look at it together. When we found out that we were having a second baby, we were over the moon. Our Son would cuddle my tummy, give it a kiss and call for “Baby”. We named our baby Jellybean, who we lost at 6 and a half weeks gestation, now all our Son does is points to mummy’s tummy and says “baby, gone”. This book would mean the world to us, would love a copy.

  8. I would love to have one of these books for my 2 year old son braden who was so excited to get a new baby he would kiss my tummy every day he still dont understand that there wont be a baby i lost the baby at 8 weeks in August

  9. Would love to have this book for my daughter, she was too young to remember when I lost our second baby, but she does remember the three plus months that I spent in the hospital with a rare pneumonia bug. She doesn’t know that her mommy lost her brother/sister, & I almost died myself, but one day when she’s old enough I would like to read this book to her. We are actually getting ready to start trying again for our rainbow baby & I pray that this time we get to hold a healthy baby in our arms at the right time.

  10. Wow I think this book would be perfect for us. My boys are 4 and 1 and we lost our first angel 5 months ago at 12 & 1/2wks and our second angel at 5wks just 1 month ago. My eldest son still tells me how sad he is his babies are gone and when they are coming home. I struggle to find the words but try my best. Maybe this book will help us <3

  11. Would love this book! We had 2 angels one at 8 weeks janurary 2008 and one at 6 weeks sept. 7th, 2011 ! Xoxo to all family’s whom have precious angels!

  12. Our family would love to have this book. We lost our little Evangaline 1 year,7 months,2 weeks, and 2 days ago. She has 4 brothers who would enjoy this as a way to remember their precious sister that they never got to meet.

  13. My daughter is 4 and we just lost what would have been baby number two. I would have been about 12 weeks. This book would be great to share with her.