Book Give Away 3: About What Was Lost

Comment on this post by Oct. 1 to win a copy of About What Was Lost: 20 Writers on Miscarriage, Healing and Hope.

About What Was Lost is the easy reader of miscarriage books, 20 short stories from excellent writers and well edited. Virtually every situation is covered here, organized into categories of “The Search for Meaning,” “In the Thick of It,” and “Mourning and Moving On.” The gorgeous writing creates an emotional resonance that makes you feel more at peace with your own situation, especially women who are looking for titles that are less about angels and heaven and more about day-to-day lives of women facing loss.

Favorite quotes:

I always know how old they’d be. What I do not know is who I might have been, had I become their mother. ~ Jocye Maynard from “Mother of Three, Two Children Short.”

“As soon as I walked into the office, I felt my bones turning to water. Two people passed me in the hall, quickly averting their eyes, and I had to stop and lean against the wall, shutting my eyes.” ~ Caroline Leavitt from “The First Baby.”

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14 thoughts on “Book Give Away 3: About What Was Lost

  1. I have just received my copy of Baby Dust late last night and I haven’t been able to put it down. Thank you so much for helping all the grieving family members with these amazing books.

  2. Lost my 2nd baby angel four days ago. I know peacefully that I will see my baby angels again. I love how this book talks more about how to pick up the pieces, since that is specifically what I’m trying to do. My life is in shambles because I’m trying to better my families financial situation by going to school and getting my RN. We were also in the middle of moving to a bigger place so we could have room for the baby. Now there is no reason we should be in that house. So scared and lost. Thank you for being there for us on Facebook and this website. Gives me something to grasp at.

  3. Even 8 yrs. after losing my 3rd angel, the pain is still so close to the surface. Baby Dust is a wonderful book. I read it through in 1 night. Thank you, Deanna, for a great uplifting read. and for these great give-aways.

  4. my numbers were in range… i looked for signs that this was going to be a healthy pregnancy…. 4 days ago i learned there is no heart beat and no aminoic fluid. The doctor is waiting for nature to take over… it is just hard to accept.. keep praying for a miracle… hard to function during the day.

  5. This sounds like a wonderful book. Its so encouraging and affirming to be able to see your own heart in someone else’s writing.
    Congratulations on Baby Dust. I hope to have a copy soon.

  6. Lost our Angie Mae august 30th to an ectopic pregnancy with ruptured fallopian tube, and an early miscarriage march 27th 2010. We’ve been married for 7 years and have not yet had the blessing of bringing a child into this world. Sometimes the hope others share is the only hope that can be found… So thank you to everyone who has shared and reached out to others through their own grief and experiences.

  7. We lost our first angel on April 2, 2011 as a result of incompetent cervix. My mother had this same diagnosis in 1982, and has 3 angel babies in addition to 5 healthy children. Everyday is a new challenge. I still haven’t gotten my copy of Baby Dust, but am looking forward to reading it! Recently I quit my full-time job and accepted a part-time position, trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life. Hopefully, my husband and I will be able to try again soon, and will have a happy, healthy pregnancy, since we now know to take measures preventing the problem from happening again.

  8. I have had 3 very painful miscarriages since April 2010. I would love to add this book to my collection!

  9. I would love to have this book b/c I have yet to come to fully come to terms, & forgive God, with my miscarriage. I was unable to enjoy my second pregnancy at all b/c I spent the entire 12 short weeks in the hospital fighting for my own life, as well as my baby’s. Sadly my body couldn’t hold onto my baby, but I think this book would help me understand why something like this has to happen to so many women.

  10. I’ve recently had my first, and hopefully only, miscarriage. I read Baby Dust and couldn’t put it down. I have a daughter and am struggling holding it together for her. She and my husband have made a world of difference.

  11. I am coming up on my EDD and am not ready for it. Seems everyone around me is getting pregnant with their second, third, etc.. All I want is one. Would love to read this and other books to help me get through this.

  12. I lost my first baby july 14,2010 he was born on july 15 i was thirty four weeks when i found out he pass it is the hardest thing to cope with i need advice on what i can do i miss him every day i wounder if he blames me for him passing even though he had alot of complications during my pregnancy but i still wounder