Book Give Away 2: In the Company of Angels Memorial Record Book

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This book is designed just like a traditional baby book, but it is meant for our babies who did not live to be born, or who died very shortly after birth. Unlike the traditional baby milestones we will never see, this book has gentle prompts asking about our hopes and dreams for baby, the moment you found out you were pregnant, and the days you were carrying the baby. It also has a section for the sadder moments, when you found out the baby was lost, and places for memorials and anniversaries.

The book is especially designed so that if you do not have sonograms or pictures, you can tug those pages out, so no page in your baby’s book is blank.

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14 thoughts on “Book Give Away 2: In the Company of Angels Memorial Record Book

  1. You continue to amaze me. What a wonderful way to channel energies for grieving families. You are making a difference and sharing your amazing gifts!

  2. What a wonderful way to remember my son Braydon John Kimbrough who went to be with his grandparents in heaven on August 8,2010. I have saved every thing in hopes of one day making a scrapbook/memory book for my angel but I have never been able to find anything special enough for my angel. This would be the perfect way to remember him.

  3. I would love to be entered to win this book,i lost one of my twin boys on Feb 26,2011 to RSV. you have a huge heart for doing this giveaway and i wish everyone much luck

  4. This would be a wonderful way to remember the four angels I’ve lost. (Twins in April ’10, baby in February ’11 and baby in May ’11). What a positive way to remember our angels and honor their memory!

  5. Would love to have this book because when I lost my baby I was only 12wks. along and the hospital gave me NOTHING, except for a stupid pamphlet about miscarriage, & even though I almost died no one seemed to care that my baby died, they were all to worried about me!! This book would be something tangible I could hold onto & write about the short & very scary three months I had my baby with me.

  6. I lost two babies…. I have my ultrasound pictures in a box I look at them from time to time. This would be a nice way to remember Hope and Faith.

  7. Your fb group was a great way for me to cope when I lost our little one in June 2008. I would love to have a special baby book for our angel.