Casey’s Special Day Give Aways

My first baby Casey would have been thirteen years old today, and we’re celebrating his would-have-been birthday with give aways of some great books on loss.

Make sure you can see all the give aways below (if not, click HERE) and comment on any of the titles that you might find helpful. We’ll give away the books on October 1 to kick off Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Month.

We’re also taking today to celebrate the completion of the Baby Dust Book Trailer. Women from Ireland, London, Australia, Mexico, and the US talk about their babies, and the women of Illuminate, a photography class for grieving mothers, took the images that are used.

23 thoughts on “Casey’s Special Day Give Aways

  1. Happy Birthday Casey, I know Heaven has a special place for angels given wings before they could be. You are part of your mom and dad’s heart. My angel recently found their way to Heaven’s beautiful garden.

  2. Happy Birthday Casey! Your mom misses you everyday that goes by. Please say hello to my daughter Laila, she would have been five this year.

  3. Happy Birthday little Angel Boy Casey XXXXX thanks to your mom for reaching out and helping so many greiving mummys of angelbabies like mine, god bless

  4. Happy Birthday Casey ): I also had lost my baby and
    it hurts more then anything knowing that I could have experienced my child’s laughter and watch him/her play and live life and that opportunity was taken.
    I am now trying to conceive again and I hope my wishes come true. Tell my baby hi up there.<3

  5. Happy Birthday Casey your mommy is a very wonderful lady, as I’m sure you already know from watching up in Heaven, she’s written such a wonderful book & I can’t wait to read it. Please say hello to my Angel Baby Barks up there should you happen to bump into each other at the little cloud playground that I imagine all the angel babies playing on. My sweet Angel would be two next month on the 12th & I miss my baby now more than ever as we try to conceive our rainbow baby, so please keep watch over us & your mommy.

  6. Deanna, For 13 years now, you have been a mother wishing for her son to come home. Your heart is so big, you have room to love on Mamas who are new to this. Thank you for the resources that you recommend – I will tell my cousin who has just miscarried.

    I’ll light 2 candles on Oct. 15. ((((((hugs))))))

  7. Happy Heavenly Birthday Casey! Thank you for inspiring your Mommy to help others in this situation through your very short life, you have made a huge impact on this world just by existing. Keep watching over & taking good care of your Mama & tell my Kadin hi from Mommy, Daddy, & Big Brother Zolan & that we miss him/her terribly & always will & he/she was always & will forever be loved…we will never forget…& we can’t wait to meet you one day…& Thank You Deanna~

  8. Happy Birthday Casey. I lost my baby in August. O boy it’s hard. No one want’s to talk about my loss. My husband just say we have 2 other kids and I must focus on them. We are trying again, I just pray it will not happen again. I am going to look for Baby Dust in the shops, hopefully I will get it in South Africa.

  9. Happy Birthday to a very special angel! My little angel joined heaven on June 9, 2011. His name was Nicholas and he was perfect in every way! Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and always!!! God bless!

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