New personal essay in Exhale Literary Magazine

If you’ve never read Exhale, you’ve been missing a beautifully written online publication focusing on mothers who have endured the loss of a baby or infertility.

I am extremely honored to have an essay included in the winter issue. “Motion Blur” is part of the magazine’s “dream” theme, and chronicles where I am now, thirteen years after Casey’s death in utero at twenty weeks.

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I know the holidays are a tough time. This year, Elizabeth, at 9, was old enough to recognize Casey’s ornament and bring it to me. “I think you should put this one on the tree,” she said.

The ornament is simple, a plastic bear with Casey’s name on it. I’ve had it since the first Christmas without him, and it will hang on my tree, among the hand-made ornaments of my living children, as long as I’m still decorating trees.

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