A great day for Baby Dust

A couple weeks ago, an administrator from the web site Pixel of Ink contacted me, letting me know they wanted to feature my book. I was completely in shock, as this web site is one of the biggest Kindle sites on the web. And they were going to feature me?

Today has been the big day, and I’m so thrilled that more people will learn about the book, and hopefully more moms and dads and families will learn they aren’t alone in what they’ve been through.

It’s an amazing day in this journey–Casey Shay, sweet baby, look where you are now!

Go see the feature!

Baby Dust time travel

I began my novel back in 2006. At the time, I was blogging (like I am now for Stella & Dane) the chapters as I wrote them.

Today I was going through the Pregnancy Loss site and reviewing posts when I stumbled across those early chapters.

Baby Dust went through many re-inventions as I struggled with the characters, the structure, and the tone of the book. I thought it might be fun, now that so many readers have bought and read the book, to take a look at some of the early chapters to see what stayed in the novel to the end.

If you’d like to read some of those very early draft chapters and the comments my cheerleaders made six years ago, here is the place!

It’s Baby Dust’s book birthday!

Today is the kick off to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month, and the official release day for Baby Dust, my novel about miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

Here is the latest review of Baby Dust from Dead Baby Club:

“This book is different than anything I have ever read before about the loss of a baby… Grief isn’t painted as a pretty picture in this book, but as something that is real and that affects far more women than people realize or care to acknowledge.”

And now, for the winners of the three amazing books for Baby Loss Moms:

About What Was Lost a collection of stories by women who have lost babies– Jackie

In the Company of Angels: A Record Book for babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early neonatal loss– Brittany S.

We were gonna have a baby, but we had an angel instead which helps your children understand about the baby that is no longer coming — Dawn

I’ll be emailing all of you to get mailing addresses to send you your book.

Two great organizations are providing profile pictures on Facebook for October. I’ll be switching back and forth.

Robyn Bear of October15th.com and the Founder of PAIL Remembrance Day has this one:


And Kristin Cook, Founder of FacesofLoss.com has this one:

Right-click to save and upload to Facebook to make it your profile picture.

It’s our month to celebrate the lives of our babies!

Casey’s Special Day Give Aways

My first baby Casey would have been thirteen years old today, and we’re celebrating his would-have-been birthday with give aways of some great books on loss.

Make sure you can see all the give aways below (if not, click HERE) and comment on any of the titles that you might find helpful. We’ll give away the books on October 1 to kick off Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Month.

We’re also taking today to celebrate the completion of the Baby Dust Book Trailer. Women from Ireland, London, Australia, Mexico, and the US talk about their babies, and the women of Illuminate, a photography class for grieving mothers, took the images that are used.

Quotes and tears and tears and quotes

Over at Goodreads, reader Valerie has taken the time to pull out a dozen of her favorite quotes from Baby Dust and post them.

I find lots of reasons to cry these days, happy when fans write me, sad when grieving mothers tell me what they’ve been through. And of course, big day ahead–my first baby would have become a teenager on Sept. 13.

But certainly I was crying that someone would find meaning in those words, meaning enough to take time to share them with a community.

Read the quotes she chose.