How to Buy

Paperback copies

The Book Spot in Round Rock, Texas will have copies in by late August. Visit them or call for it. They are also hosting the book launch on Oct. 15 at 3 p.m.

Indie Bound has it listed finally (although without the cover yet), but you can follow that listing to an independent bookstore near you.

Barnes and Noble has it in stock in their online store and is shipping now.

Amazon is  having trouble keeping it in stock, but they have it. (Discounted to $11.66 last time I checked.)

Amazon UK also has it if you live there.

If you want a copy signed by the author, you can order it through the publisher, and I will get the dedication or inscription to write inside before it ships. Signed copy through the publisher

The publisher also has a discount program for baby loss web sites to sell copies as well as hospitals or support groups who want to order five copies or more. Email them for details.


Kindle or Kindle UK


DRM-free at Goodreads for Sony, Kobo or other e-readers

Apple iBooks for iPad/iPhone

2 thoughts on “How to Buy

  1. I have ordered this book twice from Barnes and Noble first time they said the vendor canceled the order so they reordered it for me and then I called to check on the order and they said the vendor canceled it once again due to it being out of print!! Do you have any idea where I can obtain a copy I heard nothing but good reviews and I would love to read it. Thank You Tricia

  2. I have read Baby Dust and found it to be really helpful when we lost our baby at 12 weeks. I now have a friend, in Spain where I live who has just lost her first baby and I would like to reccommend this book to her but I’m not sure if it’s published in Spanish and if so, where can I get a copy for her.

    I hope you can help

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