I Did It!

50,242 / 50,000 words

It took four days to recover the rest of my life sufficiently to even think of NaNoWriMo again, but I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging!

I reached 50,000 words at about 8 p.m. on Nov. 30. To cross the big mark, I wrote a live “interactive” scene where a bunch of patients at St. Martins Hospital play Truth or Dare. To get ideas for the scene we actually played Truth or Dare at the coffee shop, and I took down everything that we did and said. All my NaNo pals now have cameos.

I’ll put that scene up here once I clean it up. This will hopefully be today, as I would like to read the scene as part of the party tonight. Several will be reading excerpts. I am also going dressed as Helena, in polka dot pajamas.

I will keep this blog active. A group of NaNos have decided to form a writing group of our own, so I will be working on Helena the Muse via it. I am entering contests in January and March with it, so I will be finalizing the first chapter and hopefully getting through a complete rough draft to make sure my synopsis is accurate. I am not totally certain how it will end, even though I have mapped out how I think it will go. I am not completely sure how Helena will change/grow as a result of her experiences. She has to just keep experiencing!

Thank for coming along for the ride!

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