Fame and Fortune

Fame and Fortune

Did I really complain about doing all those UT tower shots?

Today I got a notice from the University of Texas Office of the Chancellor that the chancellor himself, Mark Yudof, wants to order a copy of my version of the national championship tower poster. He picked mine. Of all the freaking amazing photographers in this town, including officials ones for UT itself, he picked mine.

Crazy! (And thank goodness it is a legal version with no official logos that require licensing…)

I have, oddly, sold about 10 times the number of these prints than I expected. I am in my third reprint.

So I think, right here, right now, I officially quit whining about getting up at four in the morning for a clean shot, working a 70-hour week to get pictures out, and worrying about sales.

This is way too exciting!!!!! Does this mean I am a “real” photog now? Unbelievable!

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