Happy Toys

Hooray! The first ACC Community Ed class I am teaching is DONE!!!! I have to teach it again, like 6 more times, but it’ll get easier now that I’ve done it once. I see some changes I need to make, get more hands-on things going on (the whole class got to take my silhouette image today–I will definitely bring a cleverly shaped still life next time!!!) but overall it was good.

To celebrate I bought myself a toy I’ve wanted since last summer–the Canon Elph, a digital camera extraordinaire–7 megapixels, super high quality video capacity, pictures like I only see coming out of my $5K professional setup, and it fits in my back pocket!!! I am so excited. One of the students in my class had one and all the images we took–the window silhouette, an orange rose we pilfered from a horticulture class during the break, and even throwaway shots testing focus range were all breathtaking.

Another professional photographer friend had highly recommended it many months ago–back then it was over $500. Now I picked it up–the newest incarnation no less–for $350.

Oh, the happy camera dance commences!

And the end of this class signals my slowdown in everything. Back to a normal 10-hour work week, a regular schedule, time to play.

Whew. Thanks for all of you out there who were great about listening to me complain.

(more happy new camera dancing!!!)

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