Farfelu, Not Far from You

Time to support the locals.

My friend Jane Parsons, a photographer on the artsy end of the scale, got a rather unusual photograph published in Farfelu, a newish Austin literary magazine.

If you’re an artist, photographer, poet, or writer, you should submit to them. They are off to a good start and the ‘zine is run by two very fun chicks.

Oh, and yeah, there’s a short story in there I wrote (Issue 2, Spring 2006). Just remember, people, should you pick up a copy at Book People and take a peek–FICTION! That means the story is MADE UP!

I had a wonderful weekend, complete with a hike near Lake Travis, a magnificent lunch at Iguana Grill, a successful reunion shoot, and many other delights–including going to a party with girlfriends where there was a cake shaped like a (dang, this is a family blog.) Well, a part of the male anatomy.

The novel is going well. I’m in a good space.

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