Straight Up and Dirty

So last night we went to Stephanie Klein’s book signing at BookPeople. Stephanie was funny and spirited, much as I expected. You could definitely see her “bump”–she’s five months along with twins!

She talked about how when she started her blog, she never expected success to follow, and attributed the popularity and the book deals to her belief in following your passion. I think bloggers these days are probably more aware of the potential of their blogs, although with the blogosphere so inundated, it’s hard to stand out.

She read three excerpts from her book Straight Up and Dirty and answered questions with humor and candor. About 100 people attended, and maybe half of them stood in line to have her sign books. I am in the picture on her blog! I’m in red on the opposite side. She also posted the pictures I sent her.

I also got a book signed, of course, and she wrote her standard phrase “Follow your passion!” inside.

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