NaNoWriMo Progress

Despite a foray at the Ren Fair this weekend and a killer photo schedule, I managed to get back on pace for my 50,000 words in November.

The book is going well although chapter two did falter for a while (I started over completely last night), and readership is high over at the novel blog. I feel blessed to be so supported by both the trove of women coming from my miscarriage site to follow the book’s progress as well as all my writer friends. I managed to write almost 3K at Java besides the distractions of the waiter spilling wine in my lap, Brecca’s distress over her rat purchase, and James’ drinking two hefty shots of pancake syrup. Yeah, you can see the video.

My Thanksgiving just got sort of screwed up, so not sure what is going to happen or if I’ll get to travel, but otherwise all is good.

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