Kindergarten Hoopla

So, many of you know that a few weeks ago, after attending a rather chaotic camp for kindergartners, Elizabeth decided she did not want to start school.

It’s been a rough month or so since that camp, each day Elizabeth asking if THIS was the day her horrid parents would send her off to the evil of public school (that she’s loved for two years as part of their preschool program.)

She’s cried. She’s clung. She pouted even when shopping for school clothes, insisting she was NOT going. Meet the teacher day went pretty badly last Friday, both Elizabeth AND Mama bawling as the baby begged not to be sent away.

Fortunately, one of the on-top-of-things moms from the kindergarten class passed out invitations to a little party for the class held on Saturday. We went, of course, and while Elizabeth still didn’t want to talk about kindergarten, she did meet more classmates and had great fun at the party.

Elizabeth woke up in a good mood this morning and happily dressed and arranged her backpack. When we arrived at the school, all the parents were funneled to the cafeteria, where the kids were arranged by grades. Emily had to be sent to the 3rd grade table, even though she was looking a little nervous herself, but immediately squeezed in between friends and was laughing.

Elizabeth watched Emily leave without Mama and Daddy and instantly performed her famous knee clutch. Her dad tickled her to get her loose and I stayed out of grabbing range.

Unlike the older kids, whose parents just sent them on their way, the kindergarten parents would not be thwarted by any “Let the children follow their teacher” business and got in line with their miniature progeny, cameras rolling. Elizabeth remained calm as we walked through the halls.

Once in the room, she looked a little more concerned, but then three miraculous things had happened:

  • Her seat, which had “faced the wrong way,” (one of her newest reasons for not wanting to go to school) was facing the other direction.
  • The boy from camp that concerned her was sitting across the room and far away.
  • Her best friend Sophia was now right across from her.

God bless her teacher. Or God blessed us.

She sat down, started drawing, and looked like the Elizabeth I had expected all along. We hugged her; she pretty much ignored us.

And we left.

All my babies are in school.

NOW Mama can start crying.

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