Happy Occasions

kuppershower-2.jpgSometimes it’s fun to be a photographer, as I get to capture people’s events for them. There have been many happy moments in my friends’ lives lately, and I am pleased to have been able to be a part of them.

Baby Kayleigh got a surprise shower (of course she didn’t see a thing, still in Mama’s tummy!) The games at this shower were, kuppershower2007.jpgwell, a little different than anything I’d played–other than the “guess how big a string will go around the mama-to-be.” Which I always win. And did this time. Ha! I have a foolproof method.


But they had a “smell the diaper” game to guess what was in it…I scored rather poorly, only getting “chocolate” and “jam” correct. (I SWEAR there was vinegar in one.) Then four lucky friends got to have a race swilling apple juice from baby bottles. And let’s not forget the blindfolded baby food spooning contest, where couples fed each other. Sam and Lisa were *not* to be denied that prize and shoveled apple sauce as though their life depended on it.

And of course, Kayleigh herself made an appearance finally! She’s a beauty!

kate-baptism.jpgOur friends Sean and Tessa had their baby Kate baptized this past Sunday at St. Katherine’s Catholic Church. We know it was a bittersweet moment without Corey, but so many family members, coworkers, and friends came to see little Kate on her big day!

Otherwise the outdoor pictures for the Fall Special are going well and I’ll post some when I get a chance! I’ve been a bit swamped with a run on “First Steps” images. But I’m not nearly so busy as I’ll be when the Holiday Portraits start.

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