Just for All You HSM Fans

High School Musical 2 posterYesterday I logged into my accounts with my web site hosting service, making sure everything was up to date. I clicked on my site stats and laughed right out loud. Almost half of the people who click over to my blog via search engines get here by Googling “High School Musical!”

Since there are so many of you, I’ll make it worth your while. I really am a huge fan of both movies as well as Zac, Vanessa, Lucas, Corbin, and Ashley (yes, we hard core fans know them by their first names!)  I’ve posted my favorite pictures and here’s a link to my personal fave scene–the part of High School Musical 2 where they sing “Every Day.” It includes clips from the movie–it’s a promo version.

My favorite bit of trivia about the second movie is the extreme conditions in which they filmed “Every Day.” The temperature and high winds were bitterly cold, which you can see by the flapping of the background in the scene. They all wore huge coats between takes. I feel terrible for Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, who had to endure the weather in their summer outfits. The boys at least all got to wear jackets!

highschoolmusical2.jpgA truly excellent web site for fans who need the latest news and star sightings is High School Musical Web.org. Go on over there now–they’ve got lots more than I do!

(Still laughing…the average visitor to my site is probably about age 13.)

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