Shootin’ Frenzy

webbullcreekcover.jpgThis is the time of year things really start to get crazy. In October, it’s outdoor sittings, in webh662.jpgNovember, we will switch to studio shots, Santas, Christmas trees, and presents!

The fun part of October is to watch the seasons change, as always happens during this fall special. We start out in the 90s, familiweb052.jpges sweating in their long slewebw941.jpgeves to make their holiday cards look right (even though we could very well be wearing shorts for Thanksgiving.) Then it always happens that just before the final weekend of the special, we get a cold snap. And today was it!web5135.jpg

I’ll find out in the morning if I need towebn782.jpg cancel my Tuesday shoots at the park due to rain–cross your fingers that the weather tidies up just a touch. We’ve had lots of rain this year, and hopefully that means a beautiful bluebonnet season again in the spring.

But here are lots of examples of some of the images I’ve taken so webb108cover.jpgfar at the special, some at people’s homes, some at Bull Creek, and webf5033bw-joy.jpgothers nearby in a neighborhood park.

Thanks to all the families who’ve been coming. We’ve really had a lot of fun with the shoots and phooey on Zilker–who needs the crowds, the hard time parking, and certainly the unexpected $50 fee to shoot there. Yes, it’s lovely, but so is most of Austin. We just live in a beautiful town.

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