Ho Ho HA!

webbestgirls6451redpants1.jpgSuccess! Hard won. Fought for. Struggled with. But success!

For those of you following the Ho Ho Ho prop debacle, boy, this has been the year for making difficult props. I swear next year I’m going to hop on to some photography online store and buy ready-made stuff. But probably by next November, I will have totally forgotten about my grapevine snowman craziness and the glitter explosions for Ho Ho Ho, and insist that yes, I will make my own things and not go with store-bought scenes.

Nobody hold me to that, though.

Here is Ho Ho Ho in all its glory. You can run it in color, or, as I also envisioned, take it in black and white with hand colored letters (and hats, if you went for hats!) I chose the black and white version as a sample card.webcard.jpg

This year I also have new ornaments and a new textured style card–oh it’s beautiful!

Here are all your links to get straight to where you need to go in preparation for photographs.

See the new ornaments and another Ho Ho Ho sample, as well as all the holiday options.

Go straight to the holiday schedule to choose your appointment time. You can call or email me with your choice.

I can’t wait to see how your little ones have grown!

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