RIP Tickle Monster

web-oldlambswoolduster.jpgFor the entire eight years I have been a photographer, one piece of equipment never failed me.

I’d blown out lights, broken cameras, dropped flashes. I’d gone through monitors, backdrops, and umbrellas.

But the tickle monster remained.

I know, some kids didn’t like him. But they were rare. Most thrilled to his funny lambswool fuzzies. They giggled and grasped at him. I got smiles when we thought there could be none.

But he’s gone.

It’s my fault, totally. I left him hanging in a tree at Boulder Park during the snowman shoots. Left like an old shoe. He deserved better.

web-newticklemoster.jpgExcept now I have a BETTER one! And he’s BLUE! Like Cookie Monster!

I LOVE my new tickle monster.

And so do babies!

(But I still feel bad for forgetting the old one.)

Come see him!

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