Seasonal Madness

webcard1.jpgThe holiday craziness is in full swing! I’m shooting every day and still trying to keep the word count for my new novel Jinnie Wishmaker on pace to finish in November. I hit 25,000 words last night after a mighty struggle. Am I stressed out? You bet. Am I caught up? Well, mostly.

We’re having a good time with photo shoots, even under the duress of getting that perfect Christmas card shot. Babies will cry, but they will smile gloriously too. Toddlers will wander and be most annoyed if you keep setting them back by the tree, but we will get the shot.

webshot1.jpgOverall I’m very happy with how pictures are going. I posted my favorites in opposite extremes–the most sublime to the most rowdy.

I’m hosting THREE NaNoWriMo write ins this weekend (not sure WHAT I was thinking) and I’m really having fun. And that’s what it’s all about. Let’s hope I can write at least 4K this weekend and stay on pace going into Thanksgiving week.

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