Best Place to Buy Books

globe.jpgI love books. You’d expect that, as I am a writer. But I also love innovative business ideas, especially ones with an eco or charity element. You can’t get any more perfect than A Better World.

I received a gift certificate to A Better World for helping with National Novel Writing Month. Last night I logged in and was amazed at the enormous selection of used books, CDs, and DVDs you could get–many under $5, and free shipping in the US–eco shipping, they call, it, as they search for shipping methods that leave the smallest carbon footprint. You can also ship anywhere in the world for $3 per book. Each title you drop in your shopping cart will list the charity that benefits from your purchase.

For my $15 gift certificate I bought four books. I can’t recommend this site more highly for classic or out of print books.

Naturally, though, for living authors trying to make enough money to keep writing, I recommend you buy new copies to support them (or ask your library to purchase a copy for you and others to enjoy)–and the best case is if you can support a local independent book store.

I bought some Roald Dahl and a couple books blog readers had recommended, and a classic short story collection. Merry Christmas to me!

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