And we’re off!

The New Year is out of the starting blocks, and I’ve already checked several of my January goals off my list.

  1. Started submitting writing again
  2. Got my studio un-Christmastized and shot my first sitting
  3. Located a company to manage my emails to you guys (they are going to be so much prettier and more functional as well as actually getting to you–your spam filters dislike me even though you end up calling woefully about missing specials.)
  4. Identified the coolest web gallery software EVER where you can “sticky” images and put several up at a time to compare images. Go look at a sample gallery! (Just click on any image to make it big, then drag it around.) I’ll be redoing my Fun Prints Web Site from the ground up starting next week.

babyemilypea.jpgBut I only have one actual New Year’s resolution this year–and I’ve done it every single day even though Elizabeth is miserable because of it. Here it is:

I hereby resolve, on this 1 January 2008, to make my youngest child, Elizabeth, age 5, eat one vegetable every single day, no matter what it takes.

So far so good (well, depending on if you’re sitting next to me in a restaurant–not so good on your ears.)

But she’s eating green things. For the first time since she was TWO.

Your resolution may involve eating less. Mine–eating MORE!

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