Baby, oh Baby!

babies-bellies-special-button.jpgI am verrrry excited about the Babies and Bellies special coming up.

I decided to go to a workshop in San Antonio geared toward maternity and newborn photography, and I want to do it all–now!

Maternity shoots vary so much between the serene peace-mama images and the silly kiss-the-belly (or even paint-the-belly) variety. They are all fun and lovely, and it’s up to Mom to decide how to portray her pregnancy memories.

mat04-mid.jpgNewborns are a whole different animal! Some moms will be in and out in half an hour, as their sleepy babies snooze right through. That is, however, only one out of ten moms.

The rest of you will be here close to two hours, soothing an unhappy infant who doesn’t want to be set down for anything! In those cases we tend to average, oh, two shots every twenty minutes. But always, a magical thing happens, and baby finally gets through a bout of hunger or upset tummy, and settles into a calm alert phase. 80% of your shots will be taken during that golden fifteen minutes. It always happens. We just have to be patient!

I’ve spent the lanew14-mid.jpgst ten days working on the Story Book Albums. I’m halfway through a sample album for Elizabeth. Since I’ve finally gotten a handle on making the backgrounds, setting the text, creating new photo edges, and hammering out the custom cover specs, hopefully future ones will go a *little* faster. I’ll be putting up a gallery showing her entire book when I’m done. Along with the Babies and Bellies special, moms who come will get a coupon for 50% off the price of the story books.

The special runs through February and with the $65 sitting fee, you will get a free 8×10 and three baby book prints (you choose 4×5 or 5×7 size.) Saves you $78! The special is for pregnant mamas or babies up to six months. (No worries moms with older babies–your specials are coming up!) If you’re pregnant but this is the wrong time for you, or if you’ve been looking for a baby shower gift, you can buy a $65 Babies and Bellies gift certificate and still get the free prints any time between now and Sept. 30.

I can’t wait to photograph all these happy beginnings!

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