The Veggie Wars: Day 19

web-eliza-eating-veggies-2.jpgMy New Year’s Resolution to ensure my 5-year-old eats one veggie every day is going…well, it’s still going. So far we’ve had a variety of green beans, peas, raw carrots, mashed potatoes, and whole kernel corn. I’ve had success with two things I hoped would happen:

1. Elizabeth would find a vegetable she liked more than the others and would start “trading” for it and eat it easily. The winner has been raw carrots. At this point, she will trade eating twice as many carrots as the other vegetable I am already serving.

2. Elizabeth would be upset about a vegetable at first, but when she wasn’t thinking about it, would eat it painlessly. This has started happening with mashed potatoes.

One thing I have tried but failed: mixing veggies in with other items. She can spot a veggie at 20 paces.

Pictured here: a spoonful of corn. I might eventually be able to start a photo blog called “kids eating veggies.” If you have images to share, email them to me!

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