Whirlwind Livin’

butterfly02-mid.jpgSo today I stood in the shower for five minutes, shampoo bottle in hand, trying to remember if I had already washed my hair or not.

I’m sure I’m not the only person this happens to. Right now I’m trying to process at least sixteen tasks at any given moment, and I feel like my own personal whirlwind.

But the new studio web site is up! I have spent about sixty man-hours (woman hours?) on it. As of this posting it has a few little things that bug me (move that table to the left…no…the right…) I’ll fix them by morning.

I thought I could leisurely create it during this slow month for pictures, but then I got an opportunity to put up a show of images at Amy’s Ice Cream in Westlake. I will be hanging it hopefully Thursday, and I wanted the web site to be up and running before then, especially since the show involves images that could potentially drive traffic to the site. I’m very excited about the Babies Are Butterflies in the Garden of Life Series, and I’m sure the mamas who have babies in the collection (who are all about five years old by now) will be glad to see I’ve resurrected the images. I’ve designed three new posters for the series and I’m having great fun with it!

There’s a lot more going on–a special on the horizon, edits to Jinnie Wishmaker, a new email service to learn, but it will all get done. One thing about being a whirlwind–you move fast!

You know, now that I think about it, my hair does feel extraordinarily silky. Maybe I conditioned it more than once while I was worried about everything I have to do. Must be that silver lining my mom always talked about.

Go to Amy’s this weekend or during the next couple of weeks and take a look at the show! Or view the collection online. It’s fun!

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