Mamas and Babies

web-black-three.jpgAt last! I finally got to practice the new “holds” I learned at the Babies and Bellies workshop in San Antonio. Camille was a great sport as I fumbled around and showed her (while referring to my spiral notebook) the new poses.

web-black-two.jpgAnd boy did they work. I mean amazing. Easy to hold baby. Easy to maneuver to just the right spot. Easy to light perfectly so mom looks as beautiful as new moms do (yes I know, everyone thinks they look awful, but just look at Camille! She didn’t even know she was going to have her picture made!) I only took maybe ten shots and almost all were keepers. I am so pleased!

It almost makes me want to have another baby! (Okay, maybe not. Tomorrow, I get another year older…)

web-black-one.jpgThe first pose is called the “Bird’s Nest.” The second is the “cradle.” The third one, where showing mom is optional (and looks awesome if dad is willing to hold baby without a shirt and we print it in black and white) is called “the football.”

I still have two more new holds (designed for newborns) to try!

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