Father’s Day is coming!

webmatthew8941.jpgSo did Dad do a great job on Mother’s Day? If so, time to return the favor (if not, time to show him how it’s DONE!)

From May 17-31, come take the cutest shot there ever was for Dad’s big day! Bring your little ones, some of dad’s shirts and ties (or borrow some of ours–we have plenty!) and put on the fedora!

Dad will be sure to love his kiddos playing dress up just for him. Mom, feel free to jump in a shot too!

webkayleigh8963.jpgThis special costs $45 and includes a 5×7 of your favorite shot for Dad’s desk. Feel free to bring other outfits if you need other portraits done at the same time.

webmax8954.jpgAppointments are any day Monday-Saturday, including several opportunities for school-aged siblings to jump in and get shots together during the special:

Saturday May 17
Saturday May 24
Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day)
Saturday May 31

Email Deanna or call her at 512-347-0081 to reserve your slot!

web-mom-girls.jpgOne small note: oh, man, did spammers take over my email address. I’ve been getting as many as 1,000 “mail not delivered” and spam hatemails a DAY. If I do not seem to return an email to you, first check your spam filter as I’ve probably been blacklisted and thrown there with the other scoundrels (and victims). Second, CALL me. I may have accidentally deleted your email in the torrent of junk I’ve gotten. I’ll be creating a new clean, unstolen email address shortly, but it’s a long process to switch over. (OOOOH, those dirty rotten spammers!)

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