A Day at Barnes and Noble

Some days I just go hang out at B&N and read, read, read. And see who must hop into my bag and go home with me.

I’ve been a little frustrated at my local library, as I’ve been requesting some awesome books over and over, and still, because I’m a *bit* past my teenage years, they don’t seem to take me seriously. Lately I’ve taken to leaving anonymous notes in handwriting with a heart over each “i.” Sometimes I resort to bubble letters. 

I feel like that girl I once was who dialed and redialed the radio station, repeatedly requesting “PYT” using different voices. I mean, who could resist, “Pretty Young Thing, repeat after me, singing, NA NA NA NA.” Seriously.

So today I sat down with a long list of books I’ve been dying to read. Here’s what I picked up today:

Lisa Schroeder’s I Heart You, You Haunt Me. A fun surprise was the poltergeist-esque element I hadn’t expected. This dead boyfriend had an attitude!

Sarah Prineas’ The Magic Thief. I loved the opening sequence when the wizard takes on the little beggar boy because he survived stealing the magic stone. Exceptional story telling.

Jay Asher’s 13 Reason’s Why. I can’t think of a more intriguing premise to a YA book, and I’ve been desperate to read it. The back-and-forth narration between the tapes and the narrator took some getting used to, but the story’s hook means you simply cannot put it down. It definitely proved it deserved a best-seller status and awards.

I was unable to find two books I so want to take a look at: One is Debbie Reed Fischer’s Braless in Wonderland. I instantly marched up to the counter and insisted they get some in, one for me and a couple for other people to find (when I go back to get it, I’ll make sure they are facing out–I love shelf elving!) They were also missing Jody Feldman’s The Gollywhopper Games. I hope this means they were sold out–the only acceptable reason not to have these in stock.

Now I must get back to my regularly scheduled Sunday date with my WIP. I’m submitting material to my own critique group next weekend–and they are tough cookies!

I feel all inspired now.

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