Oct. 15 is Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day: Light a Candle

Light a candle for babies lost to miscarriage and stillbirth at 7 p.m. in your local time to create a continuous wave of light around the world to remember our lost little ones.

Several years ago, one determined mama and some friends went on a mission to get this day officially recognized in all 50 states.

She succeeded.

Both here and on my web site at www.pregnancyloss.info, we make sure that this day does not pass unnoticed.

IF YOU ARE IN AUSTIN, TEXAS, we are meeting at the lighted fountains at the new park by Palmer Events Center at 6:45 to light our candles together. Feel free to email me at deanna@austin.rr.com to coordinate.

I light candles for

Casey Shay
December 1997 to April  1998 gestation

June – July 2001 gestation

Emma Hope
August – October 2001 gestation

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