It’s the time for ghouls and witches, and other traditional characters now banned from schools, but my favorite bit of the Halloween season isn’t costumes or candy or parties, it’s – FRANKENBERRY!

My favorite cereal of all time began disappearing from the shelves in the 80s. But when Wal-Mart first began opening superstores with groceries, they also carried the strawberry and pink-marshmallow sugar-fix. So I could get it when I wanted it, if I was ready to brave the horrors of a big box (not to mention the good People of Wal-Mart.)

But then, a few years ago, I traversed to my nearest discount superstore to discover that only Count Chocula remained in stock (BooBerry never stood a chance, little blue kernels of chemical waste that it is.)

Thankfully, Target and other holiday-centric stores will snap up cartons of the Franken-goodness starting in early October. And so many of my friends know that I love it, they will pick up a box for me when they see it.

So my day starts with a breakfast-of-champions, with 8 grams of whole grain, 13 vitamins and minerals (13, really? I love this cereal), and gee, let’s not look at the sugars.

I’d invite you over for breakfast, but honestly, unless you bring your own pink box emblazoned with a happy cartoon Frankenstein, I’m not sharing.

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