Portraits for families displaced by wildfires

Wow, it was quite a week after I posted my Bastrop wildfire picture, and it totally became what several news agencies called the “Iconic Photograph of the Texas Wildfires.” It was on the home page of CNN and is the opening image in this Red Cross video asking for help.

One of the things that came out of my sudden noteriety is helping a couple of East Texas photographers establish their new organization that provides family portraits to those who may have lost everything due to the wildfires. It is their hope to begin the process of building new memories and new treasured photographs for their family.

If you know a family who was affected by the wildfires, have them apply when they are ready at


I am only one of over 100 photographers in Texas and Oklahoma who are part of this effort. Our first act was to pool equipment, cameras, and props to give to a professional photographer who lost her entire studio to the fires.

Even if you weren’t affected, know that the Red Cross seriously depletes their money stores during disasters. You can donate to the Central Texas Red Cross by texting as instructed in the video, or by going to http://t.co/LoDBLXC.

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