September Writing Challenge — It’s ON

I haven’t been writing much with the book about to come out, so when Audrey suggested I join this year’s September Writing Challenge, I was all over it.

We write a minimum of two paragraphs on a suggested topic every day in September. It works well for getting your writing chops back and brainstorming new ideas. I already surprised myself by writing a middle grade boy-perspective on the first prompt.

Our local writing group meets weekly for $3 wine and drafting new material. Sometimes we don’t get a lot of writing done, but tonight we worked on the first September prompt. We had to make a list of ten nouns and ten verbs, and use six of each for our paragraphs. Since we were meeting together, we made lists and traded them.

If you’re up for some spark in your writing life, join us. Mention me so you can get approved for the community (and promise you aren’t psycho, whether it’s true or not.:)

Eff Writers Block September Writing Challenge

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