Baby Dust is OUT in the world!

I feel so blessed that every day since the release of the book, I’ve gotten emails or Facebook comments or Tweets about how the novel has helped them. Here are some of the highlights of what people have done and said publicly about Baby Dust.

Review from Dead Baby Club:

“This book is different than anything I have ever read before about the loss of a baby… Grief isn’t painted as a pretty picture in this book, but as something that is real and that affects far more women than people realize or care to acknowledge.”

Review from Caring for Carleigh:

“This book is a MUST READ. Once I started reading the book I wanted to keep reading it until I finished. I became involved in each of the characters and hoped for them like I do for any of my baby loss friends.”

From Goodreads member Valerie:

“I repeatedly found myself relating to each of the women in the novel Baby Dust.  At times I felt like the author had read my mind and penned my thoughts and emotions.”

Valerie also took the time to pull her favorite quotes from the novel–SO AMAZING:

It’s been a great launch so far.

Don’t miss: The Baby Dust Official Book Launch on Oct. 15 (Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day) here in Texas!

Learn more about Baby Dust, including where to get a copy!

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