Wedding Day Blogging’

It’s not very often you wake up to begin your wedding day.

I’m sure at many points Kurt wondered if this day would ever come. We’ve been dating for almost seven years, and for most of them I made pretty clear another marriage wasn’t in the cards.

His ability to turn this around in me is a testament to who he is. What sort of person can give faith back to someone who has none? You’ll see exactly that man, tall and probably a little nervous, standing at the end of an aisle in about twelve hours. He probably never envisioned that on his wedding day, he’d be wearing a hot pink tie to match his bride’s hair.

Everyone else is still asleep. We had a long day yesterday, including a trip up the Empire State Building, the family dinner at John’s Pizzeria, and a stroll through Time’s Square, one of the few places in the world that is busy enough to thrill me. (Despite being raised in the country, I am a city girl to the core.)

Today we’ll meet up with almost everyone attending the wedding at Central Park before the wedding machinery cranks into gear. I am surrounded by amazing people, Kurt’s family, who accepted and welcomed my daughters and me without reservation, and my parents, who are still advising Kurt to make a run for it, and our beautiful friends, who brought us together and counseled us through tough times and made this trip to New York with us.

Today, I am blessed.

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