The Forever Series by six-time USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy

Book 1 of the USA Today bestselling series

Have you ever heard a really sad song and know it describes your life exactly?

That’s me.

But it’s not just one. It’s every sad song. The one where you plan a lifetime with your absolute soulmate, then he leaves you.

The one where you’re making your way in the world, then everything shatters.

And the one where you love a tiny little person with all your heart.

And he dies.

I wish I could say I don’t blame Gavin for leaving when things got hard, but I do. He took off during our baby’s funeral and I didn’t see him again for four years.

But when fate throws us back together, despite everything — his mistakes, my secrets, our failure — one thing is perfectly clear.

Our love song still has one more verse.

Six Full-Length Novels


“A remarkable story about love, loss, and moving forward.”
— Burning Impossibly Bright Blog

“An everlasting hope that love can conquer all.”
— Hesperia Loves Books

“Put this on your TBR list and bump it to the top.”
— Eat Sleep Read Blog

This USA Today bestselling series takes you through the lives of couples with tragic pasts, who must find a way to put their tragedies behind them to find the love of their life.

Forever Innocent

The book that started it all. A young couple in college reunites four years after the death of their newborn drove them apart.

Forever Loved

The shattering sequel to Forever Innocent that all the fans asked for. Gavin and Corabelle discover one last secret from their past.

Forever Sheltered

Hospital art therapist Tina is quite positive that she doesn’t need stony Dr. Darion in her life. What she doesn’t count on is that maybe he needs her.

Forever Bound

A hitchhiking musician spends a single night with a spunky pink-haired girl, only to discover that one night can be the beginning of forever.

Forever Family

The final book in the Forever series takes our three couples on their journey into trying once more for the family that will heal their hearts.

Forever Christmas

A bonus add-on book in the Forever series goes through Corabelle and Gavin’s journey with their rainbow baby after the loss of Finn.

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