Choose the bedroom –

You have decided to investigate the bedroom!

You run to the bedroom and slam the door shut. Thankfully, there is a lock and you twist it.

You lean against the door. Is the man coming? You can’t hear any footsteps.

The room has a bed with rumpled covers, a dresser, a small desk, and a closet.

You open a few dresser drawers and find only clothes. The desk is full of photographs, mostly of flowers and sky. Nothing seems familiar.

You head to the closet. More clothes. Shoes. A box in the far corner catches your eye. Why is it shoved so far back?

You can’t reach it, so you drag the desk chair into the closet to pull it out.

On the top are big words. “Keep hidden.”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

But inside is just more photographs. Some receipts. Then a piece of circular cardboard. It’s black with the big yellow words Big Harry’s Diner. You set it aside.

Below all the mess is a heavy scrapbook. You open the page, and immediately panic sets in.

You stumble away from the book.

That’s a man out there in the kitchen. He was holding a pan, and you are hurt.

Men can’t be trusted.

What should you do?

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