Choose Your Adventure

Win an Advanced Reader Copy of my upcoming book This Kiss!

Choose each step of your path as if you are the main character.

Not all players will win the ARC! Choose wisely!

This adventure will be open through Nov. 9 when the book releases!

Enter your information to play. You aren’t signing up for anything other than to play, although I might check in to ask how you did!


If you don’t get the game starter email:

  • Check your spam box
  • If you use Gmail, check your “promotions” tab (we’ve discovered all the adventure choice emails might alternate between promotions OR primary and there is no rhyme or reason but it helps to move the promotions ones TO primary to get them all to go to the same place)
  • If you use AOL — it may simply not work. We’re really struggling as AOL is blocking my emails. Try another email address if you have one.
  • Try signing up one more time in case you mistyped your address

Still nothing? Let Deanna know so she can manually send it.

  • Email her at deannanews ( at ) deannaroy (d.o.t.) com
  • Message her on Facebook
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