So, you are ready to play.

Make your decisions well to win the ARC of the book.

win arc


You wake up lying on the floor, your head throbbing.

You’re surrounded by the legs of a table.

A chair has fallen by your feet.

The linoleum floor is cold, and a shiver runs through you.

As you try to sit up, you see blood on your hand. You touch your forehead, and more blood smears on your fingers.

Everything hurts. You can’t get your bearings. Where are you? Nothing seems familiar.

You scoot from beneath the table and notice a pair of boots. Pant legs.

It’s a man.

Your heart pounds as you look up. He’s holding a frying pan. You don’t know who he is.

You scramble to your feet and back away.

He extends his arms toward you, including the one with the frying pan.

What do you do next?

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