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This Kiss an epilepsy romance by Deanna Roy

This Kiss

A woman with a form of epilepsy that causes her to repeatedly lose her memory resists falling for the man who has pledged to always love her, even when she can't remember who he is.

Forever Innocent

The book that started it all. A young couple in college reunites four years after the death of their newborn drove them apart.

Forever Loved

The shattering sequel to Forever Innocent that all the fans asked for. Gavin and Corabelle discover one last secret from their past.

Forever Sheltered

Hospital art therapist Tina is quite positive that she doesn’t need stony Dr. Darion in her life. What she doesn’t count on is that maybe he needs her.

Forever Bound

A hitchhiking musician spends a single night with a spunky pink-haired girl, only to discover that one night can be the beginning of forever.

Forever Family

The final book in the Forever series takes our three couples on their journey into trying once more for the family that will heal their hearts.

Forever Christmas

A bonus add-on book in the Forever series goes through Corabelle and Gavin’s journey with their rainbow baby after the loss of Finn.

Billionaire's Dance

An accomplished ballerina must choose between the wealthy man she has loved since childhood...and his brother.

Forbidden Dance

A reality TV dance star is determined to leave his glitzy womanizing days behind to be with the love of his life, a shy ballerina hiding from her past.

Wounded Dance

The quiet happy life Livia has built with Blitz is threatened by a man from her past and her worst nightmare unfolds.

Wicked Dance

Livia and Blitz think they’ve left their reality TV show days behind, but the three jilted finalists have other ideas.

Tender Dance

Livia’s secret is exposed to the world and her life shatters. For the first time, she must ask herself, what is it that she has always wanted?

Final Dance

See the fight between Hollywood and our couple for the biggest wedding in television history as the Lovers Dance series comes to a close.

Baby Dust

Five women become friends after having the loss of their babies, supporting each other through the most tragic times of their lives.

Stella & Dane cover

Stella and Dane

When a whirlwind affair is cut short by a violent act, a young couple must decide if their love runs deeper than their reputations.

The Magic Mayhem adventure books for 9-12 year olds

The Magic Mayhem book box for kids 9-12

Jinnie Wishmaker: Jinnie can grant anyone their one true wish, but it never turns out like expected. (Dyslexia, adventure, magic)
Marcus Mender: Marcus can fix anything just by holding it, but when is something broken perfect just as it is? (Autism Spectrum, adventure, magic.)
Elektra Chaos: Elektra enjoys life as the evil genius of her grade, but when her powers start only working for good, she has to decide if the so-called bad-guy can ever truly save the day. (Epilepsy, adventure, magic.)

The Forever series

Forever Series 1-3

The first three books of the blockbuster bestselling Forever Series

Forever Series 4-6

The emotional final three books of Deanna Roy's bestselling series.

The Dance series

Dance Series 1-5

A complete boxed set of all five books in Deanna's dance series about love, loss, and fame.

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Deanna’s image of a child in a lily was used as a sample image throughout Mpix, a photography site. 2003-2008.

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